Rachel Bleil Ceramics
Ease and joy can come from approaching life with a childlike sense of wonder. The teddy bear, to me, is a symbol of the innocence and playfulness embodied by children. I enjoy using teddy bears for the associations with childhood and their ubiquitous, yet supportive presence in our lives. My teddy characters, or Teddymorphs, are found in various states of transformation, suggesting the endless possibilities life can offer when we are open to our feelings and our intuitive understanding of the world. Butterflies and their caterpillar counterparts are the ultimate symbols of transformation, unquestioningly embracing their impressive metamorphosis.

Teddymorphs are neither naïve nor weak, their innocence is self-assured and contains an eagerness and playful ability to adapt and change. They are in alignment with their environment, which reflects a journey of growth. Trees are rooted or grounded, symbolizing strength in oneself and renewal. Clouds are in a constant state of change and suggest limitless potential and the transformative power of imagination. Teddymorphs exist within an environment that is a playground to encourage the wide-eyed inner child in all of us.